Bliss joint school district #234

Bliss joint school district #234

Bliss joint school district #234Bliss joint school district #234Bliss joint school district #234

Bliss School's Response to covid-19

  The Bliss School has developed the following procedures to ensure equal education and meals for all students:

We will be providing Breakfast and Lunch (one drop-off)

Beginning April 1st, until school resumes, on our bus routes. 

Breakfast and Lunch will be delivered approximately 2 hours later than normal bus pick-up times, Monday-Thursday. 

Curriculum for all grade levels will be delivered in a packet format to all students every Monday morning, also on the bus routes. 

Teachers will be available for office hours, to help or answer any questions, Monday-Thursday from 9am-2pm.  

Children that do not live in the Bliss School District, or if you didn’t meet the bus, will be able to pick-up meals and/or packets Monday-Thursday between 9am-11am. 

Students taking online IDLA/Dual Credit courses need to continue with their curriculum. 

Meals are available to Every Child Ages 1-18.

If you need to make special arrangements, please contact the Bliss School 

at 208-352-4445

Mrs. Bean, 1st grade teacher, has also established a website for her class. her website can be found on the following link:  

We also have a new Facebook and Instagram page for student and teacher engagement

follow us @ Bliss School's Student and Community Engagement

As of right now, Prom, Senior Project, Senior Trip and the Spring Concert are cancelled. School administration will revisit these events when/if conditions subside. 



Congratulations to the Bliss Elementary School for winning the Battle of the Books Championship against Hagerman!



Leader In Me

  Stephen R. Covey's proven 7 Habits create more effective, goal oriented, and successful kids of all ages


Belief Statement

This is our truth, hence a belief 


Mission Statement

This is the aims and values of Bliss School

District calendar

2019-2020 School Calendar (pdf)